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Professional sales & performance

Rebuilding your Pipeline

  • Keeping what you have (orders and commitments in place)

  • Is low-hanging fruit still alive

  • Where are fertile hunting grounds


Lead Generation

  • Research is key

  • Referrals are a must

  • The outreach connection is not for the unskilled

Sales Introduction

  • What is the talk track (it’s not about me)

  • What has changed in your business

  • Rebuilding their pipeline

Sales Process

  • Know the ten gates of the sales channel

  • 80/20 rule and the qualification role

  • When to talk budget VS Price

Closing the Deal

  • The assumptive close and Agreement in place

  • Eliminating surprise Objections and the “pop-up” Decision Makers

  • Nothing happens until money is concluded

Winning additional work

  • Your relationship should be a business partner, not a vendor or supplier

  • Know where other opportunities exist within their business

  • If they don’t know you can do that, they won’t think of you when the need is ready

Servicing the Client

  • The Salesman’s Bill of Rights

  • Expectations VS Results (the under deliver trap can kill you)

  • When is sale complete (warranties, guarantees, and referrals)