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Cybersecurity Services access an organization's security posture.  The Valander Group's experts perform the needed services and provide your organizations with a report detailing your vulnerabilities.  Afterward you have the choice to have The Valander Group mitigate any issues or have your internal IT staff or your MSP correct the issues. 

Penetration Testing

The Valander Group's expert penetration testing staff uses their decades of experience to probe for more vulnerabilities.  This is an essential step since it uses human experience combined with creativity to mimic cybercriminals and close vulnerabilities before they become breaches.

Social Engineering

The weakest part of any security posture is humans.  Phishing, Vishing, data coercion, and impersonation are a few of the many faces of social engineering.  The Valander Group tests your staff to access their susceptibility to social engineering attacks.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a constant attack. Our team will continually probe all aspects of your security plan and report back any weaknesses for mitigation. 

Vulnerability Scanning

During this phase, your network is scanned with industry-leading technology to find common vulnerabilities.  Afterward, the mitigation efforts can be completed by The Valander Group or by your staff.


An Osint Investigation  (Open Source Intelligence Gathering)  searches publically available resources to find possible vulnerabilities.  One example of an OSINT finding is security cameras that are thought to be private but are broadcasting to the world. 


Security Operation Center Services continually monitors your network traffic to spot suspicious activities and stop attacks at the point of inception


Phishing Campaigns are designed to train employees to recognize a Phishing attack. If an employee is fooled, immediate training is provided.  In this way, employees are on constant alert for Phishing attacks, 

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